Shruti Hasan & Suriya New Movie 2017 – Si3 Returns (2017) New Released Hindi Full Dubbed Movie Common Movies 2016 Subscribe93,398 Add to Share More 322,397 views 1,373 268 ShareEmbedEmail Start at: Published on Apr 5, 2017 The film starts with tremble in Andhra Pradesh parliament where long pending murder case of city commissioner Ramakrishna (Jayaprakash) is being discussed where home minister K. Sathyanarayana (Sarath Babu) proposes to bring DCP Durai Singam (Suriya) from Tamil Nadu police to solve the long pending case. Initially being attacked by Madhusudhana Reddy’s (Sharat Saxena) men at railway station at arrival Durai Singam bashes them out and joins the Visakhapatnam police force under CBI pretending to be casual and not serious about the murder case Durai Singam secretly investigates the case from all aspects. Mean, while Durai Singam is being followed by Vidhya (Shruti Haasan) whom is a journalist from Andhra Pradesh tracking Durai Singam in disguise as student applied for IPS exams. Durai Singam initially says divorced his wife Kavya (Anushka Shetty), but secretly contacts her. Later, after suspicion of Subba Rao (Robo Shankar) it is told to be play to avoid Kavya from attacks from suspects of murder case. But, finally finding Reddy is behind the murder in series of investigation decides to wipe out goondas in Vispakhapatnam along with arresting Police officers involved in murder of commissioner. After, tracking a suspect he come across to know illegal dumping of Bio-waste and E-Waste from Australia by Vittal Prasad (Thakur Anoop Singh) a wealthy businessman from Australia and son of central minister Ram Prasad (Suman) who works as master mind behind dumping of wastes from Australia for his business benefits in Vishakapatnam by help of Reddy and his staff Rajeev Krishna (Kamalesh). When the commissioner tried to expose this to media he was brutally killed by Reddy and his subordinates. This is proved by witness from commissioner’s driver Mallaya (Jeeva Ravi) and school teacher (Joe Malloori) who lost his granddaughter in toxic smoke caused by burning wates from Australia in nearby dumpyard. When Durai Singam attempts to arrest Reddy and Vittal Prasad with help the witness and evidence collected. Reddy’s men kills the school teacher and warns Durai Singam that he will destroy his whole family from Australia if he further investigates the case. Durai Singam travels to Australia like a personal trip with his wife, but he actually goes to get all the evidences of Vittal’s Business. After returning from Australia he tackles every rowdies and henchmen of Reddy and kills him. Angry Vittal arives Visakhapatnam and warns Durai Singam. As expected arrival of Vittal to Visakhapattinam Durai Singam exposes the containers that contained the waste to the press and warns Vittal to surrender. Vittal tries to kill Vidhya who tried to spy on him and Durai Singam by hiring a contract killer from Mumbai by making a bomb blast. Durai Singam manages to save Vidhya as well as himself and exposes Vittal’s real face to the world and provide every evidence he collected from his Australian Head Office and arrest him while he tried to escape from Hyderabad Airport in Telengana State. Vittal tries to escape from Policemen, but Durai Singam stops him and fights with him in Talakona Forest and kills him there. Durai Singam successfully concludes and submits the case file to the home minister and returns back to Tamil Nadu. Finally Vidhya gets engaged with another person happily and Home Minister Ramanathan (Vijayakumar) calls Durai Singam once again. Cast SHOW MORE Comments are disabled for this video. Autoplay Up next Shruti Hasan New Movie 2017 – New Released Hindi Full Dubbed Movie | [HD] ROmantic Action Movie Super Dubbed Hindi Movies 2017 1,381,205 viewsNEW 2:34:59 Allu Arjun 2017 New Blockbuster Hindi Dubbed Movie | 2017 South Indian Full Hindi Action Movies Hero Movies 2017 3,642,349 views 2:13:02 Tango Lee (20


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